Destination wedding make up tips and tricks – things you must know!

Destination wedding make up tips and tricks – things you must know!

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day. The dress, hair and makeup must be just perfect, right? And if you’re having a destination wedding in a sunny, hot and salty climate (by the sea, say Croatia) you need to pay special attention to them.. With the help of makeup artist Tonica Cvrlje we’re giving you the best destination wedding makeup tips, tricks and trends! weddings-croatia-makeup-tips1 Wedding make up must be special! On her day each bride wants to look as beautiful as she possible can. It is not the time to go for the over-the-top look or change the look completely from how your usual self. It’s the time to respect you personality. The make up has to be long lasting and fresh at the same time – it’s summer and it is probably quite hot!  Make up should  look interesting and timeless in the photos too – you want to look perfect in 10 years too, right? weddings-croatia-makeup-tips3 Basic wedding make up rules and tips

  • If you can – get a make up trial, just to have the chance to find what you really want and like.
  • Get professional make up not just for you, but for your bridesmaids too – you will get a finished wedding style.
  • Don’t be afraid of a little bit more make up than everyday – you need to compensate the white wedding dress!
  • Make sure that before the wedding you take extra care of your skin as it should be as hydrated and smooth as possible
  • Get your eyebrows plucked few days before! Your make up stylist will use suiting colors to shape them on the wedding day
  • If the dress has and open neckline – the make up should use the same color bronzer or foundation as for the same for that area
  • Eyes should be accented, but not too much – you want a nice blend and soft corners, because the camera catches all those small skin wrinkles and lines!
  • Do not get too much eye make up – you don’t want to make your eyes smaller! The tones and colors will be chosen based on your eye color.


  • Since you’re getting married in summer (a lot of sweat), by the sea (salty air) and there’s a big chance you will cry – make sure you use water proof mascara and water resistant liner!
  • The blush should be in line with the lip color – your cheeks should be soft and simple. If you want a highlight effect – use a little shimmer.
  • Choose neutral and soft lips – pink, peach, soft coral, red, plum, mauve colors. Sometimes it’s nice to get the same tones as your bridal bouquet!
  • Before the wedding get a good nights sleep
  • Drink a lot of water and get your skin ready – 2-3 days before the wedding get a peeling and then a hydrating mask.
  • It is hard if you’re getting married in a beach and sun paradise like Croatia, but do not lay in the sun too long!
  • Do not get fake eyelashes unless your 100% sure you like how they look on you. Fake eyelashes can definitely be the key element of your styling of the day though!

A couple of thoughts for the end. Beauty starts on the inside and just be present! Read about the destination wedding hair styling tips.   Photos: Nikola Smernic and Maja Jokic