To travel is to live – my trip to the USA

To travel is to live – my trip to the USA

Travel…travel is something I live for. Travel is my true passion and love. I spend most of my money for travel (and therefore can live with a small closet) and because of this I think it is needless to say that when my first trip to the USA this fall was finally confirmed I was over the moon. You know that feeling when you just can’t wait for something and it gets to you from time to time? That’s how the last weeks of summer were like for me.

08e Hawaii NorthShore 061
Beach on Oahu, Hawaii. Take me back!!!

An finally, exhausted from the season and traveling to Zagreb (my flight was from there) I got into the plane. The moment we got into the air the sense of adventure held me excited and anxious and when we finally landed in Boston I knew that this was it. Time just for me. Time to forget the daily worries, problems and little things that tend to make us anxious. I know that this was the time to just live. Live life as it is, explore every corner and every moment, don’t think too much, just do what we are here to do – be present. And travel does this for you. It puts things to perspective. It allows you to be born again, to forget and to learn something new. To shake off any negative residue that gathers up through time.

New York, New York. Who doesn’t love this place?

I love my job, I love my home (well, both of my homes), but I think that it’s when I travel that I am the closes and most true to the real me. No inhibitions, no need to be someone else or play some role (good or bad!). I love that freedom. Freedom of movement, thoughts, discovery, emotions and choices.

09 SF 143
San Francisco. Now one of my favorite cities in the world.

We’ve visited a few places during that month – New York, San Francisco, Hawaii, Napa valley and more. I want to do this again. Soon. I hope I will.

10b Muir Woods 097
Dreamy after visiting Muir woods, CA. Mother nature is stunning.