Wedding flowers – a few things you must know!

Wedding flowers – a few things you must know!

Hi darlings,

I am back and I am happy to bring back the helpful and interesting how-to posts for every bride! This time I am speaking to our dear florist Ivana, who has shared a few tips about the wedding flowers. Enjoy and I’ll be back with more tips-and-tricks for all brides-to-be!

Our florist, Ivana

When should the bride start planning and choosing her wedding flowers and what are the main things she should consider?

Firstly, the bride should talk to the florist and find out which type of flowers are available in the period of her wedding. Another thing that makes it easier to make decisions is knowing the flower budget – these are the first steps that will help to discuss the other details and come up with few options.

Maja Jokic photography
Maja Jokic photography

What are the flower trends for 2016?

Spring and summer brings a big selection of flowers that help the florists to unleash their imagination. Next year brings even more relaxed arranging style, resembling a bouquet that looks like a bunch of flowers picked from the field. Looks are deceiving though – it takes skill to create such careless look!

Chris Spira Photography

What type of flowers would you recommend for summer weddings on the beach or in a garden?

In summer it is important to choose flowers that are resistant to the heat and as for the style – I would definitely suggest a laid-back bouquet whether a classic round one, cascading one or a free-style arrangement.

Succulents, peonies (for the beginning of summer), lavender, daisies are just a few flowers suitable for hot summer days. Summer is a great time to combine various flowers – there are some many of options that it would be pity to stick to just one!

Nikola Smernic photography

What could you tell to a bride with a very limited budget?

Do not spare on the bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony and newlyweds table! Not only you will be paying the most attention to these, but they will be dominating in the photos as well. Everything else can be organized on a small budget.

Antonio Rossetti photography

What type of local Dalmatian flowers and plants could you suggest for a Mediterranean or Dalmatian themed wedding?

Definitely rosemary, olive branches, lavender as well as succulents! As for the colors I’d go with blue, green, lavender, white and earthy tones.

Petar Jurica Photography