Wedding stationary – a detailed guide of what you need to know!

Wedding stationary – a detailed guide of what you need to know!

Happy New Year lovelies, I hope you had an amazing time during this festive season and now are back with more energy, ideas and positive light!

We are working hard for the summer 2016 and are also preparing some new fun things for you all soon, but today I’d like to kick The new year off with a super interesting topic and an indepth interview! I’m talking wedding stationary!

Say hello to our lovely  wedding stationery designer Kristina from Sretno Sretno/dizajn. She has shared all of her expertise, tips and ideas with us and we’re so proud and happy to share them with you!


Every bride wants to be unique. How to determine the style of your wedding stationery and  how to choose from millions of already existing options? What are the key elements to know/consider?

Invitations are a sneak peek of your wedding style, a hint to what your guest may expect of the event – the first impression, so to say. The rest of the wedding stationery follows the chosen style throughout the event. Whatever the wedding style, your wedding stationery should capture it.

When choosing the style of wedding stationery, consider:

The Tone – Is your wedding formal, semi-formal, casual? Degree of formality may determine the design of the wedding stationery, it is important to set the proper tone.

The Venue & The Date – Amazing locations, specific venue architecture or interior may inspire wedding stationery design, or at least, they could complement each other.

Seasonal themes, flowers and color palettes may also be incorporated into the wedding stationery design.

Trends and Personal Style – Choose trends (color palettes, themes, typography, etc.) that suite your personal style and set the proper tone to the event.

Ready-Made, Customizable & Custom Made – There are many wonderful ready-made wedding stationery designs, however, if you want stationery to “feel more like you”, when possible, request customization of stationery design (color palette that matches wedding color scheme, different typefaces to get more elegant, modern or casual vibe, etc.). If you are looking for something truly unique, think about custom made stationery, made from scratch for your wedding.

The Budget – Design, formats, paper and envelopes, techniques of printing, cutting, folding, finishing, etc. All of these factors set the price of the wedding stationery, so when choosing the style, prioritize those factors to get the best result within limits of your budget.


What are the trends for the upcoming wedding season?

Illustration, watercolor, modern calligraphy, emphasized typography, geometry, floral, botanical, vintage elements, stamps, chalkboards – trends we have seen last year are here to stay in 2016. The sixties Americana (recognized as hipster style), vintage, rustic, shabby chic and whimsical themes are still trending.

Industrial modern elements, especially the use of metallic – silver, brass and copper, is something you shouldn’t miss if you are following the trends. Pick shimmer, metallic paper or metallic foils to get the look.

Slick midcentury modern (you would probably recognise it as the “Mad Men” style) and Scandinavian minimalistic, but warm design, are also very popular.

This year’s decoration trend of “bringing the outside inside” reflects on wedding stationery design through the use of floral and foliage elements, which gives that romantic, natural feeling to it. Embroidery-like floral elements, gold, lace, rich patterns inspired by Victorian era will make your stationery very luxurious.

Rococo style

For the free spirited, good news – 70s bohemian chic trend is back! Choose stationery with rich neutrals as base and vivid, playful patterns that “mix and match”, lace and wild flowers motives.

Tender rosy pink and calming blue are the colors we will see the most in 2016. Matched together, they create serene, delicate and romantic look. Darker blue will create more contrast and drama. Adding certain colors such as red, peachy orange, aqua blue, vibrant green and yellow, also very popular this year, will make your wedding stationery playful. Use coffee brown and greyish lilac to get more sophisticated, mute look. As mentioned before, silver, brass and gold are very trendy. Black and white combination is a classic, but this year it will be used more creatively with bold stripes and interesting patterns.

Roses are red

What are the must-haves and what can be left out?

Every event, from asking your friends/family to be bridesmaids and maid of honour, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner to wedding, all may be accompanied by invitations, thank-you cards, place cards and other stationery.

Must-haves are usually determined by customs and personal affinities.

However, wedding invitations and thank-you cards are essential.

  • Seating plan and signalisation (table number/symbol, escort/table cards) help avoid the confusion and uncomfortable situations regarding the sitting place, which is also very important.
  • Save-the-date cards are useful whenever guests are travelling to your wedding.
  • Response cards help you keep track of the number of the guests attending;
  • Accommodation and direction cards may save you some time that you would otherwise spend explaining details to the guests over the phone.
  • Ceremony programmes, menus and signage have informative purpose. The more formal the wedding, the more paper you will need.

There are some alternatives, such as including most of the information on your wedding website, all-in-one invitations, e-invitations etc.


What are the paper and print options for a bride on a budget and a bride who can spend a little bit more?

A bride on the budget might consider premade stationery or with standard customization included in the price. Do-it-yourself or print-it-yourself stationery is a good option when stretching the budget; you may even add some details using stamps, watercolor, confetti, paper lace, etc. Less thick, art, craft and recycled paper can work really nice and does not cost much. Smaller, standard formats and shapes reduce costs. Digital printing is the least expensive and the fastest printing technique with great results.

Dahlias soft design

A bride that would like to spend a little bit more on a wedding invitation might look for custom made stationery or customized for her wedding. Custom illustration, calligraphy and monograms will make your wedding stationery stand out. Interesting folds and shapes are great options for those looking for something different. Think about luxurious, thick, smooth or textured, shiny or metallic paper. Letterpress, engraving and embossing are pricey printing techniques, but create very refined look. Thermofolie or stamp folie will also give your stationery texture and make it look amazing. Ask your stationer about printing options, since some techniques and paper are not always available.

What are the most popular styles, colors etc.? 

Nautical themed wedding stationery based on navy blue, mint, coral, gold and natural earthy tones. Shabby chic, rustic and vintage styles with romantic details such as vintage ornaments, lace, herbs and floral elements in blush, peach, marsala, gold, pale blue, lavender, sage and almond. Modern minimalistic styles in monochrome or pastel palette or few bold contrast colors. Whimsy styled stationery with lots of floral and other motives in vivid colors. Illustration and calligraphy, uncommon shapes and folds, cut out details, use of photography and interesting typography are very popular. It’s all about making it different and unique.


Are there some cool innovations we should know about?

Pop-up invitation and interactive invitation with interesting folds that are able to create a certain shape or to be pulled out in a different way (e.g. cootie catcher, invitations similar to garlands, etc.). Records, polariods, maps, brochures, board games, balloons, napkins – all can be used as a wedding invitation. Invitations with laser or hand cut negative space (outside the letters), printed or engraved wooden invitations and engraved acrylic/plexiglass invitations look really special.

A few tips on a wedding stationery:

  • Order your wedding stationery on time, especially if it is custom made.
  • When possible, order a sample. If custom made, a proof of design should always be given.
  • Check your text closely before you approve printing!
  • You don’t need save-the-dates/invitations for every guest. Invitations can be sent to a household. Also, order few invitations more, just in case.
  • For unified look, order stationery from one stationer (you might get discount, too). If that’s not possible, stick to your wedding’s lite-motive when ordering stationery from different stationer. However, your stationery doesn’t have to be all matchy-matchy. Respecting the chosen style, you can mix the elements you like.

Images: Sretno Sretno/dizan and Fotostudio Toni