Island of Solta


According to its land area, Solta belongs to the medium sized group of Adriatic islands. However, judging it by its natural endowments, it is certainly amongst the most beautiful. A mere 16km, or 9 nautical miles from Split, with its 60km of coastline interspersed with four harbors and 24 bays, it offers the visitor quick approach and a safe, pleasant stay.

The island’s civilization goes back as far as the time of the Illyrians. Roman head During the Roman era its purpose was specific: it was used as a crossroad by passing ships, a supply station for the coastal roads, but most for all, as a safe haven. All of those historical facts were documented up until today. Pre-historic rock formations, roman sarcophaguses, mosaics, early Christian buildings and rustic fortified castles. It was because of this rustic architecture that Solta became well-known long ago. Today it is appreciated mainly because of its virgin landscape. The southern side of the island with its breathtaking bays, beaches, islets and cliffs is particularly beautiful. The surrounding sea nurtures a great variety of fish, offering a luxuriant opportunity for all sorts of recreational fishing.

The flora found on the island is of no lesser value; with its 2000ha of unspoilt Mediterranean vegetation, including trees, bushes and Peasant grasses, it lures the visitor to take a deep breath of the fragrant air and experience ancient Mediterranean, the cradle of civilization. Apart from plants which flower here 10 months of the year, a wealth of aromatic plants and species await to be discovered. Throughout the centuries the indigenous vegetation was enriched by man who planted olive, fig, and almond trees, laid out vineyards and initiated agriculture. In this ecologically pure, biologically priceless atmosphere, vegetation thrives. Solta has always been, and still Fisherman remains, the perfect combination of land, sea, air, nature, and man. And this treasure is what Solta offers visitors tired of modern urban life.

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