Wedding decor: Balance is the key to making every wedding look beautiful
Oh wedding decor and styling! How much we love thee! And we’re so happy to have the incredible wedding designer and stylist Irene in our corner to take care of the visions of our brides. Today we’re talking to Irene about the wedding themes, styling ideas, decor, asking her for tips, tricks and more!
What are your top wedding styling guidelines and tips for the bride who has just started planning her wedding?
The top wedding styling tips I would suggest to the bride is to first take into consideration the general style and ambience of the chosen venue. In most cases, the venue itself will be a good indicator of whether the style will be formal versus casual, modern versus rustic etc. Then I would suggest to choose one element of design, such as colour, and perhaps a favourite flower the bride would like to incorporate into the floral design, and start from there. By using these elements as a guideline for your wedding styling, it will make things easier to choose all of the additional decor such as table linens, floral arrangements, centrepieces, accent colours etc. once you have some basic guidelines.
Do you think a wedding has to have a theme?
Yes, every wedding inevitably has a theme. The theme of a wedding is simply a style which is incorporated into the wedding starting with the invitations and carrying over into as many aspects you would like on the day of the wedding. The theme may be something as simple as a colour used throughout all of the aspects of decor, or, for example, it can be as elaborate as having a Great Gatsby theme which you incorporate into all aspects including your choice of venue, music, and dress code with all the props and costumes to go along with it.
What are your wedding design tips for an outdoor wedding?
One of the key elements for outdoor weddings would be the lighting. Setting an atmosphere and creating a dramatic first impression is why lighting is so important. Mixing soft shades of up lighting and candlelight create a truly romantic feel, while colour washing the walls in bold colours evoke a more urban vibe. Lighting can be changed throughout the duration of the evening to create a specific mood, accentuate certain areas of your venue, or to bring focus to specific decor items such as backdrops.
What do you think about DYI wedding decor?
DIY wedding decor is popular among brides who really want to incorporate a lot of personal touches on their wedding day. I would caution the future bride of doing all the decor herself as it can turn into a very time consuming project, especially if it is a larger wedding.
What would be your tips for saving money on decor, but still getting the best possible result?
If you are looking to save money on decor, I would suggest to pick the most important decor item to you, and then focus on that. If, for example, the bride wants large elaborate floral arrangements, then the bulk of the budget would be spent on florals. Choosing flowers which are in season at that particular time will also help you get the most for your money. With the majority of the decor budget spent of floral arrangements, the bride can opt for more economical options such as basic linens as opposed to „couture“ linens, and choose to do some DIY decor details such as the favours and stationary.
3 must-have wedding decor elements that help lift the event to another level?
My three must have wedding decor elements are:
1. Beautiful table linens
2. Fresh floral centrepieces
3. Ambience/mood lighting
How to make the wedding look beautiful and stylish, but not over-styled or over-the-top?
Balance is the key to making every wedding look beautiful and stylish, but not over the top. If you choose to have luxurious tablecloths, then a simpler, toned down centrepiece would be appropriate. Alternatively, if you choose to have grand candelabras as your centrepiece, then the linens and additional table decor details such as charger plates and napkins should be more subdued in order to allow the centrepiece to be the focal point and to avoid having over-the-top decor.
Photo by: Nolte Lourens

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