13 wedding trends you should know about in 2021

13 wedding trends you should know about in 2021


We know that weddings will be different in 2021. There will be some changes to safety and planning. But that doesn’t mean that the wedding trends will stop there. 

The world of weddings is moving forward with new fashion, decor, food, and we’re excited to introduce some of our favorite wedding trends for 2021. 

Sustainable weddings

With more awareness of climate change and eco problems, couples and wedding planners are also shifting their perspectives on how a wedding should look and what it should entail.

Being more eco-conscious is essential in all areas of life, so we’re expecting to see more locally sourced items from flowers to menu items as well as using more repurposed decor.

Vintage elements have always had a place in a wedding, but it’s getting even more prominent in attire (mom’s dress or family heirloom rings) and decor (old furniture, mirrors, frames). 

Other ways to go green for your wedding: use no or minimal plastic (no plastic straws or balloons) send a virtual or recycled paper invite, offer a bigger percentage of vegan or vegetarian dishes on the menu, source local flowers.

Seasonal and wildflowers

The eco-trend follows in the flower department as well. We will see much more greenery, leaves, natural styles, and more seasonal flowers. Even if you’re planning an indoor ballroom wedding, you can still incorporate these outdoor-style centrepieces and other floral elements. 

Smaller weddings and budgets

Yes, one of the biggest trends we’re seeing is couples planning smaller weddings for multiple reasons. The current health situation, saving money, being eco-conscious, breaking from tradition – all of this play a role. Smaller weddings are perfect for those looking for simplicity, relaxed vibes, and properly connecting with all guests. 

Statement fashion

We’re so excited about this wedding trend! These past months have been tough, so we’re all looking for something fun and bright. And that’s how the wedding fashion of 2021 is looking! Ball gowns, more textures, brighter colors, embroideries, puffy sleeves, veils, capes….you name it – it’s trendy! Statement everything could be the slogan. We love this detailed overview of 2021 wedding dresses on 

Brides are also looking to incorporate their family and other sentimental touches, such as wearing their grandma’s dress. 

More colors

Another thing that’s going to pop in 2021 and is one of our favourite wedding trends is COLORS. No more minimalism. Say hello to bright colours, florals in everything from wedding dresses to decor items. has an incredibly cool compilation of tropical colour palettes to inspire you!

Themed bars

With more and more people either swearing off alcohol completely or reducing consumption, non-alcoholic or weaker beverages will take center stage. A definite wedding trend in 2021 is various light cocktail or single beverage stations, as well as herbal non-alcoholic spirits, will be big. 


Everyone could use a little more spirituality these days, and we’re not talking about religious ceremonies. More and more couples incorporate alternative ceremonies, celebrants, rituals, and such elements as crystals or smudging sticks into their special days.

Bright lights

Lighting plays a massive part in creating ambience, whether your wedding is held indoors or outdoors.

It’s always a great idea to add some extra lights, even if the venue provides some. We’re suggesting chandeliers, fairy lights, light bulb strands, candles, mini lamps, lanterns… All you need to do is choose or go with them all!

Hor d’oeuvres for one

In 2021 we see the end of the buffet and more plated dinners.

However, the buffet can still be partially replicated with another fun wedding food trend – various mini hor d’oeuvres. We’re talking things like tiny charcuterie boards, for one, and dishes like canapes, fried chicken, sliders, oysters served on a single person plate. 

Cool desserts

If you like the classic desserts – cool, but if you’d like to mix things up, now is the time with options like doughnuts, savory cakes, cheese platters, even a pancake or waffle station! 

Cheese cake

Here at Dalmatia Events, we’ve been rocking this fun cheese-barrel cake for a few years now, and it seems the world has caught up! It’s a great way to avoid food waste – especially if you already have dessert planned in your menu.

You can present the cheese in so many great ways with dried fruit, flowers, crackers, grapes. Also – it provides a wonderful late-night snack and can be taken home after the wedding easily. 

Going virtual

We’re not talking about zoom-only weddings. The live-streaming of a wedding for guests who couldn’t attend in person will pick up in 2021. 

Virtual wedding planning also extends to sending out digital invitations, sharing photos, and wedding videos on special websites and apps. 

Outdoor weddings

What’s lovely about destination weddings and weddings in Croatia is that most venues are outside as the warm climate allows outdoor celebrations.

But even if you’re not planning a destination wedding, you can still have one in a garden, beautiful patios, and other outdoor venues.

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