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If you have a chance we are more than looking forward to meet you here in Croatia will it be for a venue visits and inspections or getting to know each other and discussing your wedding plans. Planning a holiday in Croatia and want to explore your options? Let us know and we will be happy to meet you and explain all the details and opportunities. Taking bookings for 2018 and 2019. Contact us and schedule your meeting.

How to get married in Croatia

Simplified legal procedure and paperwork guide for civil wedding

Quick guide on how to get married in Croatia

Legal procedure and paperwork for civil wedding

Step 1:

Both bride and groom need to obtain these legal documents and provide them to the wedding planners. We will submit them to the local registrar.

List of documents:

a. Identification document – passport
b. Birth certificate (needs to be reissued no earlier than 90 days prior to wedding)
c. Certificate of single status or no impediment certificate (needs to be issued no earlier than 90 days prior to wedding date)
d. Based on the country of your residence you might be required to submit additional documents – but no worries,we are here to help

Step 2:

Based on your residence the documents might need additional verification (proof of authenticity) – Apostille* stamp

Step 3:

Check with us are all documents correct, valid and accurate.

Step 4:

Send the documents to us. We will translate and submit them to registrar’s office 30 days prior to your wedding and make arrangements for your interview and wedding date.

Step 5:

Attend a formal interview at the registrar’s office few days prior to wedding date in order to go trough details of the ceremony.

Step 6:

Get married 🙂

Step 7:

Receive your marriage certificate validated and posted by us.

Step 8:

Go to your local registrar’s office and submit your papers.

*An Apostille:

is a certification provided under the Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. The sole function is to certify the authenticity of the signature of the document. Put simply, an Apostille is a certificate that is attached to another document so that it will be accepted when used overseas. Usually issued at certified notary offices, county courts or foreign ministry affairs – but basically depends from country to country..

Why to get married here

Top reasons why to pick Dalmatia for your destination wedding

Central Dalmatia

Some of the best reasons to get married here

1. History

Central Dalmatia is the cradle of the civilized history in these parts of the Adriatic. For instance, the town of Vis on the island of Vis – it was Greeks who established their “Polis” (city) on this island almost 2500 years ago. From Vis Greeks spread to Hvar island and later to the coast of Dalmatia. City of Split was established by another Ancient civilization – the Romans – 1700 years ago

2. Culture

Ancient amphitheater, ancient theaters, palaces, castles, fortifications, monasteries, three UNESCO sites (Split, Trogir and Stari Grad on the island of Hvar) within 50 kilometers and much more makes all the Dalmatians proud and leaves all the visitors in awe

3. Climate

Look no further than the fact that the sunniest place (a place with most sunny days) in the whole Croatia is here – it’s the island of Hvar

4. Variety

The venues at your disposal are so different and magnificent – fortresses, private castles, hidden old monasteries, secession villas, hidden island beachfront restaurants, private islands, parks, rustic Mediterranean gardens, mountain tops with astonishing views and more.

5. Nature

Whether it’s the sandy or pebble beaches, plains or high mountains, sea or rivers, big islands or rich archipelagos around them, Central Dalmatia has it all and within a reach for everyone.

6. Connectivity

The main highway is taking you straight to Split and if you are the fan of air travel – Split has a second biggest airport in Croatia (except the capital Zagreb) with more than 50 airline companies flying here. Reaching any island from Split is as easy as it gets since the boat timetables are very regular (Split is the third port in passenger number on whole Mediterranean sea behind Naples and Thessaloniki).

7. Activities

Thanks to the natural riches of the area the amount of activities is huge – if you like water sports you can surf, wind surf, kite surf, paddle board, snorkel, and dive or go rafting, kayaking and fishing. If you prefer land activities – you can hike, try mountain biking, parachute jumping etc. But if you are an easy going person and just want to relax – you can just pick any of the numerous boat excursions, wineries, restaurants, nightclubs or just enjoy the shade on the beach with a book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.