Why hire a wedding planner in Croatia?

Wedding planning is an exciting yet stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding.

Finding and booking venues, vendors, and dealing with other wedding related questions when you’re thousands of miles away can be challenging for even the most organized person! And don’t get us started about all the nitty-gritty of choosing on decor, flowers, guest travel and paperwork in a foreign language. It can become a second full-time job!

Luckily, a destination wedding planner can take all that burden off your shoulders, help you make important decisions, give advice on local customs and make the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Here’s why you should hire a wedding planner in Croatia.

We take most responsibilities from you

Wedding planning is time-consuming, and with the full-time job and other commitments, many people end up doing the work after hours. This can lead to exhaustion and make the whole process dissapointing.

Let us deal with the vendors, appointments, bookings, contracts, timelines, budgets and feel relaxed and at ease.

We’re locals and know everything about this place

Where’s the best place to send your guests to experience local food and which ones to avoid? Why is the ferry schedule so complicated? Where do I find a private bus for my guests, and how do I hire a boat for my rehearsal dinner?

Trust us to help you with even the most complicated questions or requests!

We have the best vendors

Yes, you could find a florist or a DJ online, but are they actually as good as their Instagram page? Will the florist promise you local lavender in May (it’s too early!), or the photographer end up being a beginner in spite of his website saying that he has “a lot of experience”?

Of course, you can find great people on your own, but why tempt your luck when we have sifted the gold nuggets out, have great relationships and trust the vendors we’ve been working with for years!

We make communication easy

Endless emails with the restaurant, hotel, DJ and the florist can become too much with the details constantly changing and everyone getting confused about the final agreements and who said what.

Forget the headache, complicated spreadsheets and things that get lost in translation. We’ve got you!

We offer a fresh look and give professional advice

Whether you know what you want or need some guidance, we’ll help you with fresh ideas and help decide what works best for your venue, style, budget and time of year.

From ceremony protocol, seating arrangements and guest transport to stunning decor and tips about the best local dishes, we’re here to give you our support.

We’re there on your wedding day

Your wedding day is for you and your family to enjoy, not run around setting out place cards, coordinating with the band, DJ and caterers or dealing with possible misunderstandings.

We’re here all day to ensure everything runs smoothly and you can enjoy every minute without worry or stress.